Application of laser marking machineApplication of laser marking machine

laser marking machine has been widely used in various industries. When we buy goods, we may see that there are anti-counterfeit marks on the goods.


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In modern laser applications, the most common are laser cutting, laser welding and laser marking. Of course, it can be subdivided into many uses depending on the needs. Laser marking is a very important process in the manufacturing process. It is marked on the surface of the workpiece by laser technology. The marking content covers trademarks, codes, symbols, QR codes, etc. The above information must be in seconds or even minutes. Completed in one second. In modern industry, marking is one of many different steps involved in the manufacturing process. High quality, high speed and high flexibility are the result of continuous innovation in laser marking. In a very short period of time, high-quality marking is achieved at the same time. Laser marking makes this possible.

Since the exposure to the laser industry, most of the concerns of customers have focused on laser marking. What products can be played? What kind of effect can you play? In fact, laser is a tool that can be applied to various industries, and metal and non-metal materials can be used. Common lasers are classified into solid-state lasers, CO2 gas lasers, and semiconductor lasers. Commonly used are: fiber laser marking machine, CO2 laser marking machine, UV laser marking machine. Previously used semiconductor laser marking machines have gradually been eliminated. The replacement of laser equipment also indicates the advancement of laser technology. Of course, this is also inseparable from the changes in the needs of laser users. Technological innovation is the process of continuously meeting people's needs, which is also the direction of future industrial market changes.

In which industries can laser marking machines be used? It can be said that this kind of machine has been widely used in various industries. When we buy goods, we may see that there are anti-counterfeit marks on the goods. When we buy other things, we can see that some of these things are printed. Very special icons, these are basically played with the marking machine, so when it comes to the need to play some special marks, this machine can come in handy:

Beverage industry: beverage bottles for PVC/PP/PE and PET materials, HDPE materials, as well as tinplate cans, dairy Tetra Pak bottles, wine glass and ceramic bottles, metal cans, aluminum cans, etc.;

Food industry: food packaging bags and carton packaging for PE, PET film and other materials;

Daily chemical industry: washing and cosmetic packaging and carton packaging for PE, HDPE materials, ABS materials;

Other industries: battery, electronic products, pipe and cable, medicine, profiles and other marking applications

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