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Laser marking/welding/cleaning machine application


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Overview of Aerospace and Defence Industry

The parts of the automobile and aerospace industry are numerous, and the material of the print surface is also characterized by various.Manufacturers of components for aerospace mark their products to identify them, to add instructions and to enable tracking and traceability. Increasingly a 2D code is required to meet the SAE AS9132 standard (aerospace) and MILS PEC 130 (defence) standards.

Laser Application Solution of Aerospace and Defence Industry

Lasers are used because of their ability to mark metals and a wide range of plastic substrates. 

In recent years, direct part marking (DMP) has also expanded so as to make it possible to trace small individual parts up to final products . 

They are an attractive alternative to other technologies (dot pinning, scribing, etching and micro-percussion) because they are digital, clean, reliable and low cost.

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